How will you celebrate Easter? Are you looking for something besides the traditional turkey or ham dinner with the family? Perhaps you can find an interesting alternative from my Top Ten Ways to Celebrate Easter.

10. Have an Ester egg hunt for adults. Get some plastic eggs from the dollar store and put money or a small gift in them. Donít hesitate to hide them more carefully than youíd hide eggs for the kids!
9. Have brunch instead of dinner. If you serve brunch foods like bacon and eggs, itís a lot less work than a turkey dinner!
8. Let the kids decorate ďEaster bonnetsĒ made from paper plates with ribbon ties attached.
7. Decorate Easter eggs, whether you do them as beautifully as is traditional in Eastern Europe, or just dip them in dye.
6. Attend a sunrise service, and maybe a pancake breakfast afterwards. Getting up early occasionally can be good for you.
5. Attend a passion play, and remind yourself what Easter is really all about.
4. Invite someone to dinner who would be alone otherwise.
3. If youíre going to be on your own this Easter, consider volunteering to help serve dinner at a homeless shelter or street mission. Being a blessing to others is a blessing to us.
2. Spend the day with family and friends, whether you decorate eggs, hunt for them or just hang out together.
1. Go to church, and remind yourself that Easter is about more than bunnies and eggs. Itís about Godís love for us. God loves us so much that he sent his son Jesus to pay the price for our sins by dying on the cross. But because Jesus himself was without sin, he didnít stay dead. Because he came back from the dead, we can have forgiveness for our sins here on earth and eternal life in heaven. Thatís the best news that has ever been heard. Thatís what we celebrate at Easter. Happy Easter everyone, however you celebrate it.