Elizabeth J. Danna

Canadian writer and speaker Elizabeth Danna has a PhD. in New Testament
Studies from Durham University in England.

She was born and raised in the Toronto area, where she still lives.

For many years she has worked for Crossroads, a large Canadian ministry.

Her first book, From Gethsemane to Pentecost, was published by
Wipf & Stock in 2011. Her second book, The Stories of Jesus: A Study in the Parables,
was published in May 2016.

Her other interests include music and needlework.



"Spring Cleaning"
"Putting the Pieces Together"
"Birds of the Bible"
"What's In Your Garden?"
"Lest We Forget"
"A Christmas Journey"
"Easter Eggs"
"Get It In Gear!"
"Temples of the Holy Spirit"
"Getting Ready For Christmas"

Video Sermonette

"The People No One Imagines Anything Of"


"The Black Swan"
"Dry Bones And Locked Doors"
"Walking Weightless"
"No TARDIS Required" NEW!


"Top Ten Ways to Celebrate Easter"
"Theories People Use to Try to Disprove the Resurrection" An extract, slightly modified, from From Gethsemane to Pentecost
"The Gospel of John and The Lord of the Rings"

"Watch Elizabeth's appearance on 100 Huntley Street"

Email Elizabeth at: ejdanna@eol.ca

Study Book : "From Gethsemane to Pentecost"